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DECEMBER 6, 2020 – THIS IS IT… Book Giveaway — 12 lucky people will receive our book for free, just for telling us their story. More details here

NOVEMBER 9, 2019 – Book signing at the Finnish Cultural Center, Farmington, MI

OCTOBER 19, 2019 – Leave a book, take a book. (Somewhere in MI) We found some cool alien books and left a copy of THIS IS IT… in hopes of helping a reader. 

SEPT 16, 2019 – Book signing party in SC and THIS IS IT… is now available in Kindle eBook format. You asked for it. Now you have it.

AUGUST 5, 2019 – Rainbow Connection of MI made an impact for us. We’d like to give back. Help us by purchasing a book

JULY 7, 2019 – Book release party. Thanks to all who made today’s book release party a stark raving success. And now… for these photo booth pictures. > Link to more photo fun.

JUNE 19, 2019 – We are officially available on amazon.